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Female founders: Blazing a trail with adtech CEO Niki Bansal

As part of our female founders series, this month we spoke to Niki Bansal, CEO at TeqBlaze, to find out more about her journey into adtech, her views on diversity in the workplace, and advice for other women in the industry. 

Welcome, Niki. Tell us a bit more about how you came to foundTeqBlaze.

I began my career in adtech seven years ago as a project manager. Many leaders in this industry start in business development, but I worked directly with tech teams. At SmartyAds, TeqBlaze was initially a bunch of smaller products developed by separate white-label SSP and DSP teams. I worked hard to bring those product teams together into one business unit with a unified client and development approach, and ultimately, a unified technical solution. Keeping our clients during this process was vital, and it worked because we really focused on teamwork.

The real test came earlier this year when TeqBlaze became its own company, and I became the CEO. It was a big step, but we handled it well. We must do more than solve problems quickly; we must truly add value with our technology. I spend a lot of time sharing what I know, helping our clients with product strategy and research, and working alongside R&D teams. This keeps our relationships strong and keeps us moving forward.

What qualities helped you build the company/become a CEO?

TeqBlaze isn't focused on monetization; we're all about the technology behind it. This requires a blend of creativity and precise management. Having a vision for future technologies and the ability to turn these ideas into reality really helps. This is where comprehensive management makes a difference - integrating everything from operations to technology and market insights to deliver effective solutions.

Adaptability and teamwork, as well as our clients, are central to our approach. As we innovate within programmatic technology, quickly adjusting and executing is crucial. A team aligned with this dynamic vision enables us to meet challenges innovatively and directly. These qualities are vital as we navigate and shape the fast-changing world of digital advertising.

What does TeqBlaze offer that is unique?

We've redefined client support by tailoring our services to each client's needs, including custom launch programs, performance audits, and strategic adjustments. This personalized approach helps us deeply understand and address our clients’ unique challenges. We don't just provide adtech platforms; we deliver a comprehensive suite of services designed to navigate the complexities of today's digital advertising world. We ensure our solutions meet and set industry standards by conducting in-depth audits and customizing our technology. Our commitment to customization and client-focused engagement makes us more than a provider - we're a strategic ally in adtech, helping our clients excel with cutting-edge solutions.

What have been your biggest challenges and how do you overcome them?

One of the biggest challenges we face at TeqBlaze is creating a product roadmap that fits all our clients. Since our clients come from various profiles and there's no one-size-fits-all client profile, integrating diverse strategies with market trends into a single roadmap is critical. It's essential to ensure that the features we develop meet all our clients’ needs and that we can deliver these products quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, TeqBlaze oversees a varied lineup of 44 distinct products, each tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. The real task is to keep each product up-to-date and performing well. This requires a great deal of work from our tech team to roll out updates promptly and ensure each tailored solution works smoothly. We provide our offerings to stay relevant and practical by focusing on quick, responsive development and clear communication with clients.

How do you ensure diversity in the workplace?

At TeqBlaze, we're proud that 50% of our management team are women. But our commitment to diversity goes beyond just gender. We actively engage with various countries and have implemented educational programs for our team focused on cross-cultural management. This helps us appreciate and leverage different perspectives and approaches within our team. 

Our sales team works with clients based on the specifics of their business rather than their location. This geographic flexibility allows us to tailor our strategies to each client's unique needs and contexts, promoting a global and inclusive mindset across our company. 

What advice would you give women looking to enter or elevate their role in programmatic?

I’d say focus more on what you can do and less on the barriers. Overthinking limitations isn’t helpful. Instead, build your skills and grab opportunities as they come - don’t wait for someone to give them to you. 

Remember, your gender or nationality shouldn’t define your thinking. Keep improving your knowledge and skills, and focus on being valued for your achievements. If you maintain this mindset, you’ll overlook barriers that might at first seem in your way.

At TeqBlaze, we ensure our environment supports this. With many women in management, we’ve established policies that allow any woman to start a family or take extended leave without worrying about her job. This approach helps everyone feel secure and supported.

This year, Niki was honored as one of Admonsters/Adexchanger's Top Women in Media & Ad Tech in the Tech Trailblazers category. To find out more about TeqBlaze, visit
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