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My offline to online transformation with Digilah

Updated: Feb 12

Author: Anuradha Lal, Founder of Digilah

I began my journey in the late nineties.

Looking back today, continuously in awe, witnessing the leap mankind has taken, attributed to the digital revolution. There was never any doubt in my mind that technology would lead us this far, still certain of the

fact that as of 2024, we are still at the cusp of human digital innovation. Having started in the offline world of advertising, I leaped into the online world and founded Digilah, an online technology publication.

I am now intrigued by technology

I decided to embark on a journey to create an atmosphere for people to share their ideas, journeys, and future aspirations in the digital revolution—a platform of curated content of Tech Thought Leadership from leaders around the globe at everyone's fingertips.

My startup spirit is soaring high

Initiating a start-up is tough. I needed a good idea and proper execution. The skills and experience I gained in the world of advertising, over the years that piled up leading to the formation of Digilah, made it easier to manoeuvre through the hurdles that I was going to face. This gave me an automatic advantage over the competition!

I believe if there is competition, then there is demand

The world is witnessing the shift from offline to online. I wish to curb the gap that exists between tech aficionados and the knowledge seekers. Technology today is one of the most sought-after fields in the world. Tech knowledge is the most desirable and fruitful education. People still aren’t aware of the magnitude of tech's fields, and I wish to be the one to archive this knowledge.

Technology doesn’t operate in a silo

By writing on Digilah, Tech practioners can demonstrate their expertise on a tech topic and attract new readers and followers. So, I wanted to build a community of writers who could be presented side by side, all contributing their part in the tech synergy. We feature 20+ technologies on Digilah, ranging from adtech to space tech.

Understanding my target audience

I am trained to always operate in the mindset of customer experience. Subsequently, by identifying my key demographic, I can focus on what my target audience want to learn about and how to deliver it in accordance to capture their attention. It is proven that companies that operate with the mindset of customer experience, drive revenue 4-8% higher than the rest of their industries. So, I had my idea and target audience. Now to deliver I needed to pique interest to build an audience and community behind the site In light o.f the COVID pandemic and the lockdown, the digital world saw a surge in online traffic. 2021 oversaw a monumental moment as digital ad spending reached a whopping $455.30 billion, leaving traditional advertising channels trailing behind. Traditional advertising brought enormous value to brands and websites, comparatively dispatching these ads on the screens of every user with a device, and we have a way to personally connect with our current and future audience. I was prepared to keep up to

date with content management and social media marketing.

If content is king, the audience is royalty

I added audio-visual features to attract traffic. At Digilah we keep the audience engaged by holding live events on LinkedIn (Tech Know Logues) where our authors are invited to speak, thus maintaining the never-ending cycle of widening our reach. I am also actively enjoying the benefits of SEM (Search engine marketing), SEO (Search engine optimisation) and UGC (User-generated content). SEM boosts traffic

and increases visibility of the website by the use of hashtags, and keywords to be seen higher up in the search rankings. It is proven that UGC is more influential than brand-created content due to the trust that is built between the brand and the consumer. Millennials find UGC to be 35% more memorable than content that came from mainstream sources.

Marketing Digilah

Experience in AdTech has helped me scale the audience at a rapid pace, and optimize ad spending with precise targeting. Therefore my journey has remained efficient, helping me launch campaigns faster. Now all can be done digitally, with the help of automation. Programmatic advertising can indeed be a powerful tool for growing businesses, including Digilah. By leveraging programmatic advertising, you can effectively direct traffic to your platform, reaching a wider audience and potentially attracting more customers. It’s the most pragmatic way to grow fiscally.  Allied Market Research valued the programmatic advertising industry at $451 billion in 2021, and estimated it will grow a further 36% by 2031; predicting it o be the future of online advertising. My background in advertising gave me the experience to be able to understand and apply these skills digitally and properly utilise the benefits of technology available

today. Having ad tech knowledge helped me build, grow, and promote Digilah and fulfil my

dream of providing a platform to tech industry titans and the aspiring tech leaders of tomorrow.

Reach out if you want to share your tech story at

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