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Inspire, Encourage, Include


The Women in Programmatic network was created to provide opportunities and support for women in the programmatic and digital advertising  industry. 

Started in 2020 the network provides networking events, and speaking opportunities leads industry initiatives, discusses the latest and greatest in the industry and pushes to eradicate the gender pay gap. It is completely free to sign up and available for all levels from intern to CEO!

Our regions:  - Europe - UK North - ANZ
- US (opening soon) - Spain (opening soon) - France (opening soon)- Middle East (opening soon)

What can you expect as a member: 

Free  monthly group webinars, Events, Dedicated WhatsApp group membership, Participate our Signature Sessions, Workshops, Volunteer opportunities, Speaker opportunities, Support groups, Self development and many more interesting and unique topics.

Interested in finding out more?

Fill out the form to find out more or be part of our amazing network! It is free to sign up, and anyone at any level can apply. Whether you are starting out your career or CEO you are welcome! We run monthly sessions as well as large networking events across the world!

A group of women at a business meeting

It was a perfect gathering--everyone was so engaged and sharing info and questions.  I know I'll learn a lot from my peers!

I love meeting talented women in our industry and I feel like this network stands out from many others I have been a part of. We go into detail about the programmatic world and have an incredible network to support us

From the founders:

We wanted to create the missing piece in women's lives who are in our industry.

You don't know what you are capable of unless you try ad get the right support... ~ Soph ~

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