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Tijana Vankovska

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Role in the board:
Partnerships, donations, looking for speakers, organizing online sessions, onboarding new members

About The Women in Programmatic Network:
As a woman involved in the programmatic world, I believe it is important to connect with other females out there that share similar work and life experiences as myself. And The Women in Programmatic Network is an ideal space to do so. It represents a safe space to network, ask questions and get support. And what better way to do so than bringing it local - A programmatic network aiming to connect all women in the field here in Spain.


My Story

I am a challenge-driven individual with a thirst to constantly learn and improve. In that sense, being part of a dynamic environment that is the digital advertising world motivates me to always stay up to date with the latest changes and use my knowledge to achieve the best results.

I am proud of...

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