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Award-Winning Senior Strategy Manager

Teddy is a Senior Programmatic Strategy Manager at Condé Nast Britain. She is at the forefront of supporting the strategic development of Conde Nast's go-to-market strategy for Programmatic, as well as providing strategic solutions to a wide range of clients. Teddy's multidisciplinary background, extensive work experience, strategic vision and deep understanding of the industry, focusing on clients’ business objectives, enable her to provide the best strategy solutions while driving positive results.

Teddy has been holding seminars and training sessions on Programmatic and omnichannel solutions, as well as speaking on panels on topics such as Programmatic, D&I and paid media.

Teodora (Teddy) Tepavicharova

Teodora (Teddy) Tepavicharova

Senior Programmatic Strategy Manager



Speaking experiences:

yes - panels, seminars, training sessions

Programmatic, Omni-Channel, D&I, Sustainability, Positive impact, Publisher, Media in general

Interested in:

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