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As a programmatic and digital advertising maven, I am very proud to be a member of The Women in Programmatic Network.

I have a varied background going back to the original dot-com boom, giving me a depth and breadth of experience from which to draw. Add to that my cutting edge expertise on data and ad tech, and I've got great perspective to share. I am an independent consultant, which allows me to speak freely, including being quoted by publications including AdWeek. In my work with clients, I provide services such as data strategy, commercial strategy, go-to-market planning and activation, tech vetting, and training for teams. I am also part of a thought leadership and advisory collective called The Project X Institute.

Emily Palmer

Emily Palmer

Digital Media & Marketing Consultant


Portland, US

Speaking experiences:

Mobile World Congress, Programmatic Pioneers, Brand Safety Summit

Programmatic, Advertising (general), Data and privacy, Marketing, brand safety, clean rooms, walled gardens, big picture media industry, publisher headwinds

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