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Highly entrepreneurial, strategic and empathetic global marketing leader with B2B and B2C experience ranging from large corporates to startup, scaleup and agency-side roles. With this unique blend of experiences, Diane can take to the stage (or virtual stage) on a variety of subjects from leadership to branding, as well as adtech trends.

Diane Perlman (She/Her) is an established marketing leader with big brand experience at Microsoft, as well as startup, scaleup and agency-side experience - both B2B and B2C. She is an American who relocated to London over 23 years ago with a tech startup and has worked primarily with tech and adtech companies during her London career, which spans Grey London, Microsoft, Unruly and Blis, as well as her own virtual agency Branding Matters. She served as CMO at both Unruly and, most recently, at Blis, helping the company establish its brand, grow it's marketing team and scale to a recent Private Equity investment. Diane was honored in 2021 as one of the Top Women in Media. She is also an active diversity inclusion ally and champion who spearheaded the D&I initiatives at Blis and is currently a #IAmRemarkable Certified Trainer.

Diane Perlman

Diane Perlman




Speaking experiences:

I am a #IAmRemarkable Certified Trainer, have appeared on the IAB UK and US podcasts, moderated a Blis panel at IAB Connect in in 2022, extensive speaking gigs whilst running the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator.

The changing privacy landscape in adtech, branding, marketing, leadership, leading with empathy, storytelling, helping women find & use their voice

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