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Anna combines her expertise in media buying, data-driven creative and technical implementation to design and execute high performing programmatic campaigns.

In her 8 years at Incubeta, Anna has made it her mission to champion data-driven creative as part of a fully integrated advertising strategy. Under her leadership, the performance display team has developed a uniquely creative-centred approach to media buying and optimisation. She has now turned her focus to expanding Incubeta’s creative production and consultancy services, all while using her media background to ensure that new integration and optimisation strategies are explored.Anna has been recognised for her innovative approach to display campaigns, winning 8 major awards in 2019 for her work, being listed as a \"Top 50 Industry Player\" by PerformanceIn and featuring in MediaWeek’s 30 Under 30.

Anna Jorysz

Anna Jorysz

Display & Creative Director



Speaking experiences:

Anna has previously spoken at PI Live and MAD Fest as well as several events hosted by Incubeta and their partners.

Programmatic, Creative

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