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Striving to be more brave and less perfect this year.

Adriana is a commercial data specialist who has enjoyed an amazing 15 years long journey across a wide range of ad tech and media players including Collective, TI Media and Azerion, one of the fastest growing media and entertainment platforms in Europe, helping publishers monetise their ad inventory and find new ways to diversify programmatic revenue. After the challenges of 2020, she is excited to see that brand advertising is back at the top of the agenda and marketeers are expected to invest more in their brands in 2022.

Adriana Tailor

Adriana Tailor

Global Partnerships Lead



Speaking experiences:

LiveRamp Conference, Digiday Budapest, Eyeota Marketing Event, IAB Webinar

Programmatic, CTV, Data and privacy, Header Bidder, Native advertising

Interested in:



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