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TWIPN - Spain

We the newly formed branch we had the pleasure to be part of the Woman Programmatic
Network Panel this past Wednesday where our board member, Mercedes Alonso
discussed the global successes of 2022 and what else we can expect in 2023. In
continuation, in this space we will talk particularly about some insights as well as the
expected trends of 2023 in this industry in Spain.

Regional News

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About our Spanis Chapter:

First and foremost, for those unfamiliar with this market, Spain is a country with 47M people and most of them love spending time browsing the internet. So it is unsurprising that the ad spend in 2022 stood at 4.5 billion euros according to the last research conducted by IAB Spain. Naturally, the display format
accounts for the most significant share of around 1 billion euros. It is very much expected given that Spaniards read daily their latest news online, especially the sports category. But despite such a high number, this format had a slight decrease in 2022, compared to the video format, which has noted an increase of 19% in ad spending compared to the previous year. One thing that for sure has started to make much noise since the beginning of the year in Spain is the CTV. It continues with the growth trend recorded in 2022, with an increase of 549.7% compared to 2020.
So why is CTV getting so popular in Spain? The answer is pretty simple. CTV gives a new opportunity to advertisers to deliver these ads to highly engaged audiences via many different platforms at the right time. That is something that linear TV is lacking. In fact, 87% of Spanish people prefer watching streaming content, according to The Trade Desk study of 2022.
That is why there is no surprise that one of the most significant events in Spain that happened this 9th of March in Madrid is the CTV day Powered by Samsung Ads. At this event, it was thoroughly discussed what this change of scenery represents for the market players, especially for advertisers seeking to reach their target audiences on the
small screens at their homes.
Finally, we can conclude that this is definitely just the beginning of all the trends expected to happen and grow in the Spanish digital advertising market. In fact, 2023 has just started, and we are already expecting changes in contextual targeting, carbon ads, sustainability, and audio branding. Please stay tuned for our next issue to learn more about that.

Tijana Vankovska, 10.03, Barcelona - Spain

Image by Florian Wehde
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