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Being a TWIPN member

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All those who self-identify as women are welcome to be members; others are welcome to follow and support our network.


Empower women who work in programmatic advertising, adtech and related areas of the advertising industry–and those looking to better understand these areas, including professionals in different job functions such as tech, data, ad operations, sales, marketing, legal, etc., and on different sides of the table:  buy side, sell side and intermediaries–to increase the number and significance (positions, decision making power, pay) of women in the industry globally.


Women will have equal prominence, power and pay in programmatic advertising and adtech.


  • Professional excellence

  • Learn and share knowledge

  • Equality

  • Inclusion

  • Authenticity 

  • Diversity

  • Empowerment

  • Support and champion women

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The Pleiades are a group of more than 800 stars located about 410 light-years from Earth in the constellation Taurus. ... Also known as the "Seven Sisters" and Messier 45, the object derives its English name from Greek legend. The Pleiades are the seven daughters of the Titan god Atlas and the ocean nymph Pleione.