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Hifsa Mohsin

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Funding Board Member /DE&I

About The women in Programmatic Network:

I joined TWIPN around late 2021 but was not a very active member until the co-founder (former colleague and friend) encouraged me to join the monthly calls and get more involved. My interest grew when I found that there was an opportunity to attend the programmatic pioneers summit on the discussion of what it's like being a women in advertising. As my interest grew, I came across and spoke to many amazing women from the network and I was encouraged to become a moderator on the panel and, to speak on my experiences. As nerve racking as it was, it was one of the best experiences I've had working in the industry so far. Fast forward a year, I am now a DE&I board member for TWIPN alongside 3 other amazing women and we've got a great plan in place to make TWIPN a more inclusive network.


My Story

I am a team lead campaign manager at Mobkoi primarily looking after programmatic and direct campaigns in EMEA. Ever since joining the advertising industry and becoming exposed to the lack of DE&I in a workplace. I have become passionate to want to raise awareness on the importance of inclusivety especially through my experience as a Muslim woman from an ethnic minority background.

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