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Sophie Toth

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Co-founder & Cahir woman of DE&I 

Strategy, Partnerships, Content, Regional Chapters, Content, Special Sessions and Exclusive Webinars

About The Women in Programmatic Network:
The Network has fundamentally changed my life and filled the missing piece of the puzzle. I am blessed with our members and volunteers. We have created a truly safe and supportive network beyond profession...


My Story

Sophie has been working with and supporting women in digital for three years.
The network became international from a small private supporting group with three regional hubs in ANZ, Germany, and Spain.
Sophie's primary focus within the network is:
Strategy, Partnerships, Growth, Content and Special Sessions.
The network has been working with many partners and planning to have a presence in Cannes for women who need a safe place and would like to attend insightful sessions, network or organise meetings.
Sophie has published many industry leadership articles, led focus groups and has been highly involved in the industry education around:
- diversity, equality and inclusion
- pay gap
- parenting in programmatic
- newcomers in digital
- Be You - personal and professional development

The network always tries to bring refreshing content uniquely interactively, and Sophie is accessible to everyone across all seniority levels.
We are a safe place for everyone who needs support.

We also take care of our members beyond our profession. In the UK and ANZ, we organise regular meetups and networking events.

The non-profit organisation, as of now, has:
- 5 global board members
- 3 Spanish board members
- 4 German board members
- 3 ANZ board members
- 4 DE&I board members
- 1 UK Ambassador
- 1 Global growth director
All these incredible ladies are committed to giving a chance, educating and challenging the industry in many ways.

The Women in Programmatic Network is to inspire, educate, and support all! 

I am proud of...

Having The Women in Programmatic Network by my side. 
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