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Clara Markovich

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DE Founding Board Member
Thought leadership and networking/events

About The Women in Programmatic Network:
The ad tech industry is an exciting place to work in, with constant movements in the ecosystem and developing innovations. As in the tech industry overall, I think it is important to support women and foster the exchange of industry know-how, discussion of ideas and growth of their adtech careers, as we can do in orgs like TWIPN.


My Story

Clara is Entrepreneur in Residence at Verve Group. Clara has an entrepreneurial background in mobile gaming and adtech. She co-founded a mobile games company and has a deep knowledge of both the adtech and the games industry. In her free time, she is devoted to women's emancipatory issues, which she thinks is an important task, especially in the tech industry. Clara has a diverse international background, speaks 5 languages, and thinks it's great to meet and both work with people from the whole globe. 

I am proud of...

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