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Helping together ...

Safe charities: All these orgs are based in Ukraine and operating on the ground. It didn’t include large human rights and humanitarian orgs like Save the Children, Unicef etc due to their bureaucratic nature.
Vernis Zhyvym Foundation: humanitarian aid, support for the Ukrainian military with medical supplies
Help urgently train medics
United Help Ukraine - helps with humanitarian aid and medical supplies
Voices of Children
They help children affected by the war in eastern Ukraine by providing psychological and psychosocial support. Instructions on how to donate to its programmes, such as art therapy, mobile psychologists, and individual help for families, are available on its website:
Station Kharkov - a Kharkiv based organization which took care of evacuation of refugees from Donbas and now Kharkiv itself
Link to account info to send in either USD or EUR
Razom Ukraine
Emergency aid. Medical supplies for critical situations like blood loss and other tactical medicine items.
National Bank of Ukraine
Supports the armed forces
Belarusian Youth Hub in Warsaw
Processes Ukrainian refugees arriving to Poland, helps them find temporary housing, food, supplies, documents, and resettlement. Delivers humanitarian aid into Ukraine
Support key media outlet - Kiev Independent
Or you can also support Mitya’s GoFundMe campaign
We are collecting money to buy the missing medical supplies and deliver to targeted places over the border via our partner in Warsaw

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